Chew on it!




Dealing with these health issues and trying to heal my body gently and naturally is convincing me more and more that these mega corporations are using the human race as a gigantic science experiment, the goal being depopulation. Every-time a cure for cancer is uncovered, our government quickly makes the cure “illegal”, like organic apricot seeds, I mean seriously, WTF are people thinking when they support this type of legislation. What creative story did that politicians lobbyists come up with that would garner enough public support to even get this stuff to pass? I mean I saw the propaganda they did for cannabis, but that’s because cannabis is essentially a cure-all and would put them all out of business and they would lose their Agenda 21 goal. But to make individual fruits and veggies, or parts of them illegal? COME ON! Those are my thoughts for the hour 🙂 Chew on it