How to start getting healthier on a very tight budget and suggestions for those who can afford more :)


Every single person with cancer has a ph that is too acidic. ~ Dr. Otto

Disease will not thrive in an alkaline, oxygen rich environment, this is why getting your body alkaline and properly supplemented is key to vibrant health.

!.) Start with purified, alkaline water. The home filters DO NOT CUT IT. Your body is over 70% water and thus is the reason to begin with the water you drink.



This is just from 1 level of filtration!!!!

You can purchase a portable water bottle that alkalizes all water for under 10 cents a refill through Nikken and eliminate your spending on bottled water at the same time.  Get the

Nikken Pi-Mag waterfall unit which will bring your costs to about 10-20 cents a gallon.

You can order those here:

If you haven’t saved that up yet (get the bottle at the least!!!) you can most likely find a vendor in your area that offers purified-alkalized water, here in southeastern MI I deal with Pure Naturals in Richmond where you can purchase it at 65 cents a gallon or buy a prepaid card and get locked into a lower price like I did, for as low as 38 cents a gallon.

2.) Start your day with a warm glass of water and juice of 1/2-1 whole lemon or lime

3.) purchase a superfood smoothie mix like Nikkens vital balance 100% organic Get it here

4.) Get a quality food based daily vitamin. Here are a couple of the brands I trust 

first is Nikken here

if you can afford it I highly recommend this pack

then there is naturalnews (again can be found on amazon if you cannot afford to support ethical and moral business practices) Megafood

5.) Get plenty of dark green raw juices (or from a trusted source that supplies in powder form without heat, even low temperatures can destroy vital enzymes this costs about a dollar a day and really is the most cost effective way to get the most potent nutriceuticals.

My first line would be this one

One of my trusted brands is enerfood, I trust Mike Adams from NaturalNews as when I first started my research, I painfully checked every single source on every article, and learned as much about his moral compass as I could, until I was comfortable he was as thorough as I would be.

if you can afford it, buy from the naturalnews store, if not it can be found on amazon…….

this will bring your cost down to under a dollar a day get it here

4.) Stock up on superfoods and live off of smoothies/ cacao puddings……… some foods to get you started are: (my quick reference will always be as he has a ton of studies and articles conveniently located in one place, but I did not limit my research to that site, and suggest that you too always dig deeper and learn as much as you can on your own, at your own pace)

Raw Cacao powder-

you can read about that here: (this is by no means all inclusive, please take the time to research every item I recommend)

Chia seeds here are some great articles on them: here

Bee pollen (I get mine from Tish here in michigan, she also has the BEST tasting honey, I highly recommend you order from her.) her email is She is located in Livonia Michigan, it is always best to get local honey for health reasons, but she painstakingly does this work out of a passion to help others heal and is just a fantastic woman.

Diatomaceous Earth – this is a fantastic silica supplement, you can just do a google search for health benefits of diatomaceous earth (food grade of course) and also helps eliminate parasites in the gut.

Raw honey- see above- if you are using raw honey for health reasons, make sure it includes the pollen

Hemp seeds- READ MORE HERE


Sprouts and young sprouts- READ MORE HERE

Coconut oil- READ MORE HERE

Apple Cider Vinegar- READ MORE HERE

The following can be added in as you can afford, or as you have need. For example, I have a clotting disorder, so it is vital that I get my vitamin E from an organic, food based source.

Raw almonds (but due to US (BS) law, you must buy directly from farmer or buy imported to find truly raw almonds

Grapeseed oil

Organic Olive oil




Note: this is still a work in progress, but I want to post what I have for those of you that need it.