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Is your cellphone making you weak???



is your wireless phone and everyday appliances impairing your immune system? research says YES!

What can you do about it? Nikken offers a host of products to make your home environment as close to nature as possible along with Pi-Mag water technologies and nutritional supplements.

just a quick sample of how much your overall body is effected followed by research
electronic devices are detrimental to your health

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Here is my Story:

I have struggled with my weight since I was a teenager, just so happens to coincide with the introduction of GMOs in the American diet, but I digress. In addition to the weight problems I suffered from depression(with suicidal thoughts) and anxiety, and what they like to label as ADHD which I no longer believe any of this to be incurable. In addition I struggled with severe, chronic pain(I worked EMS for many years and suffered a few injuries), endometriosis and debilitating fatigue and eventually learning I had thyroid disease which caused a majority of my symptoms. This all had a very negative impact in my life, my relationships, even my attendance when I was working. I went to doctors for years trusting that they knew best. In December of 2011 I was hospitalized with bleeding ulcers (from all the pain medicine I popped like candy) and subsequent DVTs (blood clots) I ended up being placed on 12 different medications, to no avail. I gained almost 70# s in 4 months, I had constant migraines, insomnia, concentration problems, fatigue, muscle weakness, mood swings, I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. It wasn’t working………… I personally chose to go cold turkey on all the meds and opt for an organic alternativeand slowing started getting relief. Then I decided I would start to trust my research and trust my body to heal itself if given the proper nutrition and supplementation. What you see before you is a work in progress, stay tuned for updates. So I have taken on the task of taking control of my health and body, I hope my story and results can inspire others that there is hope beyond the pain, pills and fatigue.
So here are some of the perks of my program, I have awesome skin color, my hair is getting thicker, I have 80-95% reduction in pain (have a lot of injuries from EMS), More energy, I sleep better, my sleeping is clearer, my voice is clearer, my nails are long and healthy, my teeth are nice and white, my Endo symptoms are GONE (for those of you that suffer with this you know how big a deal this is). And the inches are melting off down 6 sizes and 48#s since April. finally started breaking through my 6month weight loss plateau, I am not nearly as hungry, so I eat less. I have yet to go on a diet by the way.
I am off all of my medications
my stomach is flatter than it’s been in over 18 months, my legs are developing that long lean look I’ve been looking for since my body building days.
oh and I have yet to go to the gym, so when I implement the diet and gym things are gonna get crazy! 🙂 (that doesn’t mean I don’t exercise, just nothing stringent yet)
oh and my mood, soooo much better, my thinking and concentration are getting better everyday. My dream in life is to help others take back the reigns and empower them to make changes in their health and their lives. I now examine everything that goes on or in my body, mind and home and could not be happier with the results. How can I help YOU?

I  am a stay at home mother of 3, entrepreneur, author and business owner helping people to transform their hearts and homes by empowering you with the proper information and wellness products to make those changes.

If you would like to learn how you too can Have Fun, Make Money and make a difference, feel free to contact me and learn more!

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Natural Face Mask

This is just one of many DIY face masks that are so much better than the store brands, and without all the harsh chemicals and carcinogens.

Lemon wedge

1Tbs Oats

1Tbs honey

1 egg

Mix and apply, let dry and wash with warm water.


Why the LIFE Business?



Why the LIFE Business? What is all this hype about Orrin Woodward and the LIFE business? Well Orrin states “The LIFE Business is a group who are committed to making a difference by first making a difference in their own families life.”

I often get the question, “well what have you made doing this LIFE thing?” My response is always the same….not much. But, it’s not the business, the training system has it laid out exactly what steps to take consistently, over time to achieve a successful business with LIFE, and my goals and dreams are not the same as the next person. Being involved with this team of people and learning the Leadership principles taught so effortlessly in LIFE, I had to be honest with myself and take a long hard look at how I was running my life compared to that of the many leaders we read about in the recommended leadership books. Do I want a big business? yes. Am I in this for the long term or short? long. So I decided if I wanted people to follow me, I need to change into someone worth following.


When I got started, my marriage was in shambles, my finances were in shambles, and my attitude could use some improvement. Personally,  I felt that I couldn’t help people fix the problems in their lives until I fixed them in mine, otherwise what qualifies me to walk them through these most difficult adjustments? Do you have to take the route I chose? NOWAY, you can build it as fast as you want….these were MY goals, MY choices, MY priorities. YOURS will be tailored to you, that is the beauty of a networking business, you can go as fast or slow, as low or as high you want, and LIFE has pre-paved the road for you, they’ve cleared the minefield, thousands have gone before you, found what worked and what hasn’t so that you can jump on the highway to success.

A little about what the LIFE materials have done in my life. My husband and I were both working long hours, opposite shifts with 3 children, we were miserable in our marriage We still couldn’t manage to pay our bills or get ahead, and we were headed for divorce. Enter LIFE changing materials. I began by listening to a few CDs, I liked the stories and they seemed to lift my mood, I slowly noticed a change in my outlook, I began to think of the future, something I am ashamed to say, at that time I had all but lost hope for. I was also handed a book, boy was I stubborn I thought I had all the answers and had tried everything in my life to fix my broken marriage……What LIFE teaches you and the world does the opposite is to seek out someone who has the results in life that you want, find out how they got them, learn and do it. Back to the book, this was a book written by a marriage counselor who had been married for like 30 years(don’t quote me) and had help hundreds(or thousands) of couples get their marriages back on track. How many of you out their know if your own marriage counselor has a good relationship with their spouse…maybe you should ask them? The book was The5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman and BAM did it blow me away, I had never heard some of these ideas and when I started to apply them I NOTICED A DIFFERENCE!!! It works, it really does….I’m not saying it’s easy, or that we didn’t have snags in the road to changing our marriage…we had lived and thought one way our entire lives, so of course this would take some time. The point is to always keep your eye on the horizon, always get back up from your failures. I can now honestly say that my marriage is stronger than it’s ever been and I am more secure in my relationship, which helps me to be more me, if you understand that…if not, then I am glad you never had to go through anything like that. We continue to read marriage books and listen to the audio CDs because a marriage is like a car, if you don’t maintain it, or put gas in it…’s going to break down. This is a lifestyle change. This is just one story, I have witnessed the same for many other couples and thousands of others have as well…..might just be why Orrin is the #6 leadership guru in the world…(among other reasons :0) )

Next: the dreaded finances….like I said earlier when we started we were both working more than full time, he 50, me 60-72 hours A WEEK! And we still had debt, we still couldn’t pay our bills….I’m sure you’ve felt the strain too. Enter the FINANCES PACK, whoa, let me tell you, it was a slap in the face to here about things like the power of compounding and the dangers when it’s being used against you by banks with “financing”, living within your means, long term vision, etc. But knowledge learned and not applied is useless, and it took until I was backed into a corner to begin applying this principles. Like Orrin says “The pain of staying the same must be greater the pain to change or you will not take the steps necessary for change” , I had reached that point and god willing we will be 100% debt free this year, maybe even before the end of the year. The feeling of seeing that light at the end of the tunnel is priceless.

Back to the business side, I have not been building this as a business, because I made a decision to live my priorities, and at that time, I was not. when asked the questions “what are your priorities in life?” I said GOD, my husband, my children, everything else……..but then the stinger question….”How much time will you spend on those priorities today?” OUCH right? because I said that these were my priorities but most of my time was spent working. Today, I am still a work in progress but with the skills taught in our materials, I am a stay at home mom, homeschooling two out of 3, going to be adding the 3rd this summer. We made the hard choices and cut our spending and expenses and my husband and I committed to each other so that he could put more effort into moving ahead in his company, which he has, I’ll get to that in a minute. The result? we have cut at least $20,000, yes $20,000! a year from our budget to allow me to stay home.

The husband, hasn’t really gotten on board with the business, this happens sometimes and I don’t see it being forever, as my team grows, so will his belief in it and he’ll jump on board…but he did listen  and read the materials and has had a dramatic improvement in his own leadership abilities and people skills (yes they are skills that can be learned, you don’t have to been born with a magnetic personality, you can change) which has lead to not 1 but 2 promotions in the last six months!!! The second he surpassed many that had been ahead of him because he outshined them and made himself an asset to that company. LUCK is a for letter word and its spelled like this : WORK.

Did these changes take some time? Yes. Was it hard? YES

Was it worth it?


I would do it over again in a heartbeat, it’s dream, struggle, victory…………the victory just isn’t as sweet without the struggle. I am now in a position to begin building my own team and helping others achieve their dreams and goals as well, remembering that everyone is different and your dreams are not the same as mine, but I can help lead you to the information that can empower you to make the changes necessary in your life in order to achieve your goals and dreams. I didn’t have anyone else (outside of LIFE) offering to guide me and be my cheerleader during that difficult transition. So what are you waiting for? We have the best compensation plan, the best leaders #6 and #11 leadership gurus in the world Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady. We are the #1 community builder IN. THE. WORLD.

What are you waiting for? The opportunity of a lifetime only comes once. What is the worst that can happen? You’ll have improved thinking, relationships, people skill, leadership skills, business skill, parenting skills. Lets join arm and arm and change our culture in the 8Fs of LIFE: Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Friends, Fun, Freedom and build a Following. Leave a Legacy, you have greatness in you, it’s just waiting to be unlocked.

So lets Have Fun, Make Money and Make a difference, one family at a time.

God Bless,







What If?