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Some Food for thought

Why do we Americans relinquishSAFFFRON_CLOVES_09878Y_VARIOUS control of our bodies and minds to governing agencies such as the FDA, AMA, DOE, ETC, Etc?

I have struggled with my health for quite a long time, longer than necessary I suppose because for some reason I had this inherent trust that my doctor and my government knew what was best for me and would always guide me in the direction of health and vitality. WRONG!!! The more I research the more I am convinced that we CAN cure ourselves of all health ailments, including cancer. That there are MULTIPLE cures being suppressed RIGHT NOW, under our own noses. Almost as if all the money that has been donated “for the cure”, found the “cures” only to have “the cure” made either illegal or publicly demonized by our mainstream media. I am on a mission to CURE myself. I’ve learned about the problems with our environment, big pharma, med, monsanto, etc. and I am using that information to help avoid additional exposure to harmful substances we are being bombarded with. Now, I will be incorporating a nutrition and supplemental approach to my health care. I will start blogging about my experiences soon, so that if there is someone out there, who, like me has suffered in silence for years, might find it helpful. I digress….why would we ever think that a doctor we see once a year, have no personal relationship with(we don’t usually know their beliefs or personal life) would know our bodies better than we do? Why would we not take our power back and start educating ourselves in repairing our health, naturally without the dangers of conventional medicine? I know part of the reason is that we feel it’s helpless, that maybe it’s all in our head because our blood tests came back “normal”, I must be imagining these symptoms. I am here to tell you that is WRONG! Your body is incredible and those symptoms are signals telling you that something isn’t right in your body. I am thoroughly convinced that the “cure” are all centered around bringing the body back to homeostasis via adequate nutrition. The western diet is leaving most of us severly malnourished which creates a prime environment for a host of medical problems, from the common cold to cancers and autoimmune problems. The problem is, it is going to have to be you that branches out and takes control of your life from everyone but you and God. I look forward to sharing some life changing information with you soon.

God Bless,


Chew on it!




Dealing with these health issues and trying to heal my body gently and naturally is convincing me more and more that these mega corporations are using the human race as a gigantic science experiment, the goal being depopulation. Every-time a cure for cancer is uncovered, our government quickly makes the cure “illegal”, like organic apricot seeds, I mean seriously, WTF are people thinking when they support this type of legislation. What creative story did that politicians lobbyists come up with that would garner enough public support to even get this stuff to pass? I mean I saw the propaganda they did for cannabis, but that’s because cannabis is essentially a cure-all and would put them all out of business and they would lose their Agenda 21 goal. But to make individual fruits and veggies, or parts of them illegal? COME ON! Those are my thoughts for the hour 🙂 Chew on it


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